Required knowledge for n00b computer scientist – Field algorithms

  1. What is Big-O?
  2. Implement Stack
  3. Implement Queue
  4. Implement Merge-Sort
  5. Implement Quick-Sort
  6. Implement Sequential  Search
  7. Implement Sequential Sorted Search
  8. Implement Brackets Pair Checker (“([{“)
  9. Implement Infix To Postfix conversion
  10. Implement Postfix calculator
  11. Implement base convertor (recursive and regular)
  12. Implement binary search.
  13. Implement palindrome  checker
  14. Implement a function that will enable reversing the input string.
  15. Implement a function that will enable deleting the white space and special characters.
  16. Implement Quick-Sort with random pivot.
  17. Implement Quick-Sort with “Median-of-Three”.
  18. Implement algorithm which finds median of three numbers with two comparisons.
  19. Implement graph
  20. Implement random contraction algorithm – Karger’s algorithm minimum cut
  21. Implement DFS (Depth-first Search)
  22. Implement non-recursive DFS (Depth-first Search)
  23. Implement BFS (Breadth-First Search)
  24. Implement BFS (Breadth-First Search) path finding
  25. Implement topological sort using non-recursive DFS (Depth-first Search)
  26. Implement computing Strong Connecting Components (SCC) – Kosaraju’s or Tarjan’s algorithm (improved Kosaraju’s version).
  27. Implement Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm

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